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Street Furniture

Street Furniture

While we provide the medium for advertising, we also supply the thinking and ideas about how and where to extend the advertising concepts most effectively into the out-of-home realm. The street furniture panels that we operate in partnership with local communities are a reflection of our philosophy, and are a unique combination of innovative thoughts with the real, practical needs of the community.

VMS Unipoles

Part of the Disaster Management Plan for the city, one face of the VMS is used by the City to mitigate traffic-related information along with safety and awareness messages, while the other face displays backlit advertisements. When brands advertise on our VMS Unipoles, they become a part of the public space, instantly entering people's thoughts and conversations when they are out commuting. 

  • Strategically placed in the centre of the road and in the direct line of vision, offers maximum visibility and impact.

  • Clutter-free and the only large format media in the centre of the road, provides continuous exposure of an advertising message.

  • Placed close to the Traffic Signals, ensures longer visibility.

  • Builds strong brand and image awareness.

  • Located on the most important roads and junctions along the entire length of the city, delivers high reach and frequency over an extended period of time.

  • Maintains high visual exposure throughout day and night using backlit illumination*.

  • Allows creative "customising" through cut-outs and embellishments*.

  • Long term, permanent displays offer a dominant presence in the immediate target market.

Product Examples

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VMS Unipoles

With Traffic Counts certified by:

VMS Unipole - Powai, Mumbai
VMS Unipoles - Babulnath Mandir, Mumbai
VMS Unipole - Worli Sea Face, Mumbai
VMS Unipole - Kemp's Corner, Mumbai

Products, formats and sizes may vary by location and market.

Contact your sales representative for details and production specifications.

*Illumination is usually from dusk until midnight but may vary as per local   municipal policy guidelines and regulations. In Mumbai, presently the illumination is permitted till 23:00 hrs.

*Embellishments may require prior approvals from the local municipality or the governing authority. Contact your sales representative for verifying prior to including any embellishments in your creative copy.