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To achieve this, we continuously invest in the development of technology. In doing so, we listen closely to our customers and anticipate the developments in the market. This has resulted in improved glasses-free 3D picture quality, the most stunning 3D experience and the best viewing angle. We work together with our customers to refine the functional requirements and deliver a complete in-house developed product.

Digital LED Signages

Developed by integrating the cutting-edge AS3D (Auto-stereoscopic) technology and special effects with the experience and expertise of our dedicated Create team, our Glasses-free 3D Displays add a fresh dimension and amplify the advertisers' message while delivering stunning and unparalleled experiences to the audiences.

  • Glasses-free. Does not require the audience to wear any special glasses or headgear to view the 3D effects and can therefore cater to the target en masse

  • Creates a virtual 'touch' and 'feel' experience that reaches out to your audience with much more effect and impact than the conventional digital displays.

  • The captivating 3D extrusions deliver a very high top-of-the-mind recall.

  • Instant attention-grabbers, they have a 44% longer attention span, 35% more recognition and 20% more content affinity than the conventional 2D digital displays.  

  • With an ability to deliver creative richness and immediacy, this is truly 'where brands meet people'.

Product Examples

Ready to redefine your shopfronts? 

Digital LED Signages

Redefining Shopfronts

Digital LED Signages

VMS Unipoles - Bandra Kondor Jn.
VMS Unipoles - Babulnath Mandir
VMS Unipole - Marine Drive
VMS Unipole - Mahim

Products, formats and sizes may vary by location and market.

Contact your sales representative for details and production specifications.

*Embellishments may require prior approvals from the local municipality or the governing authority. Contact your sales representative for verifying prior to including any embellishments in your creative copy.

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