We enable brands to reach beyond.


With our multi-platform assets, expansive infrastructure and relationships combined with the creative use of technology, we deliver innovative products and dedicated solutions for Radio that enable advertisers and their brands to reach the widest expanse of the audience even in the media 'gray and dark' markets that are the hardest to penetrate.

Radio Content & Programming

Our association with iHeartMedia which serves 150 markets through 850 owned radio stations in the U.S. and with Radiowani, the pioneers in the field of Radio Broadcasting in India who have been successfully providing radio content for over 45 years with over 1,000 awards from RAPA and Ad Club, gives us a comprehensive and far-reaching understanding of the radio network stations and access to fully equipped ultra-modern recording studios.

With an accomplished production team at our disposal, we are the leading experts in creative content designing and programming for Radio.

From catchy jingles to compelling direct response copy, our creative production team will conceptualise and script the best ways to deliver your message in a manner that will command attention and inspire listeners to take action.

  • Creative content designing.

  • Script writing.

  • Recording and production.

  • Voice-overs and dubbing.

  • Music sourcing.

  • Mixing, editing and transfers.

  • Air-time and media co-ordination with radio stations.

  • Logistics and liaison. 

  • Post Box management.

  • Client Servicing and overall Campaign Management.

Ready to reach beyond? 

Radio Content & Programming

Reaching Beyond

Radio Content  & Dedicated Solutions

Dedicated Solutions

Dedicated Solutions

Ready to reach beyond? 

Radio On Mobile

Clear Channel has always been at the forefront of technology and it has been our continuous endeavor to harness the power of technology to design solutions that empower our clients and enable them to break away from the limiting shackles of the traditional media to achieve complete reach.

Radio On Mobile (ROM) is one such dedicated solution that leverages the mobile technology to deliver the immense potential of Radio. ROM is not just a tool but a self-sustained mobile ecosystem that drives efficiency to bring about a change in the overall lead acquisition process thereby making your marketing efforts more effective and transparent.

  • ROM, unlike mass media, does not broadcast and scatter the message in the airwaves but directly reaches the target audience on a one-to-one basis. 

  • ROM goes to where the audience is. Since the content is delivered on the mobile handsets through the cellular network, the target audience is not required to be present at any specific location to be exposed to the message.

  • All it needs is a basic smartphone and a 'missed call'. Which is why ROM can reach even the most difficult to penetrate 'media-gray' and 'media-dark' markets.

  • With over 1.16 billion mobile subscribers in India, ROM has a deeper reach than any other media.


Clear Channel India (CCI) is not a mobile network operator and does not guarantee the availability and connectivity of the mobile network. ROM is dependent on various factors such as the availability of the mobile network, traffic congestion on the mobile network and whether the target audience's mobile phone is within reach and switched on and therefore cannot be guaranteed by CCI.

Contact your sales representative for details and other specifications.